Thursday, November 19, 2020

Way back in 2017, I made this pink plaid infinity scarf from a flannel shirt. It's nice to keep my neck warm on a cool day, especially if I am wearing a collarless shirt. 

I got the instructions from this website from Girl in the Garage, who paints furniture but, like me, embarks on diverse projects. 
DIY: T Shirt into Infinity Scarf

Here is a blue scarf I made around the same time, this one from an actual T-shirt, as the instructions show. At the time, my sewing machine wasn't very accessible, so I sewed by hand. I don't remember it taking all that long. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

How I Got into the Business of Making Cloth Masks

We had a partial box of paper "surgical" masks in the house when the pandemic hit.  I thought that would be all we would need. After all, we were just trying to "flatten the curve", right? 

Soon I realized I might want to make cloth masks for my family.  Well, I had a bit of fabric left from previous sewing projects; and I had a bit of 1/4" elastic, probably from my grandmother's stash; and I had pipe cleaners from some crafts with the kids. So, having found instructions I liked, I began making masks for my family. 

Then I ordered supplies through eBay, and I made masks for my adult kids' roommates and co-workers, and then for a friend's wedding. Pretty soon, I had made and given away 100 masks. In the meantime, one of my sons kept suggesting I make masks to sell. 

So I ordered more supplies and opened an account on Etsy. About that time a friend suggested metal nose strips to replace the pipe cleaners. That made a huge difference in efficiency and durability, and I was happy to begin my selling with this improvement to the masks. 

Currently, I have 28 different fabric styles or colors to choose from. Come check them out:  


Mini-quilt from Jeans



Do you enjoy re-using old things in a new way? I sure do. When a family member wanted a very small blanket, and we couldn't find any that small, I pulled out some old jeans. I also ordered some faux sherpa fleece through eBay. 

I decided on 24" X 20" for the mini-quilt, based on something I had re-used for a lap blanket in my car. 

I cut 30 squares, with each square being 5" across by 5" down, to make 6 rows by 5 rows. I used 1/2" seam allowances. I sewed the patches into rows and then sewed the rows together. 

The sherpa fleece tends to stretch a little, so I was careful getting it measured and cut to the 25" X 21" I would need for a backing. After cutting, I laid the denim on top of the fleece and trimmed the fleece a tadbit, as needed. 

I used clips to hold the two large pieces together, right sides together. I put the clips on the very edges, so I would have room to sew. I sewed around the three sides. I clipped the corners carefully, and then turned the blanket right side out. 

I then turned the edges of fourth side under toward the inside of the blanket and uses the clips to carefully attach it all the way across. I then sewed that side shut. After that, I sewed near the very edge all along the other three sides, so all four sides would like nice and flat. 

To finish, I sewed, on the jean side, down the set of rows where I had put all the squares together. I used blue thread and happily the blue didn't show on the beige fleece side, as it got "lost" in the fleece. I was quite happy with how it turned out.