Friday, August 21, 2015

Decluttering - What about the old philosophies? - #10 - Guests

About a year and a half ago, I started a series of posts about decluttering, as I worked on ours. 

I started by talking about ten old philosophies that we grew up with, that I thought needed modification. Not to throw each and every one of them out completely, but to re-examine them. 

Today, I'd like to talk about #10 - "If you have family or friends visiting you, and they need something, you should have it at hand for them, be it a notebook, jacket, or an extra car to drive."

When I was a child, of course, we didn't have an extra car just sitting around for our friends; but when I visited my father when I was an adult, and he was single, he had a car for me to drive. It was pretty handy, and I was grateful! Still, it's not something I'm going to manage for our adult kids who visit from far away. Different times, I guess. 

It's so much fun, though, when someone says, "I need something to write in" or "I forgot a sweater", and I'm able to produce the item they need. I think part of the fun is that it reminds me of my sister. 

But here's what I decided, as I was simplifying: It's the principle of numbers, again, and of space, and of what we like best. I can keep one generic hoodie that most anyone in my family could wear to warm up. I usually have an extra toothbrush; they don't take up much space. We have a futon so it can be made into a bed. And because stationery stores are my "candy shops", I can keep a few extra notebooks and pens. 

Beyond that, if someone is visiting, and needs something, I can take them to the store, because it's really very simple for me to do that. 

Do you have items you keep on hand, just in case someone might need them? 

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