Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An Easy Clothing "Save"

I enjoyed this shirt a lot...even though, for some reason, I'm not smiling in the picture. Maybe I just wanted a solemn picture that day. 

But alas, the elbows wore out. So, I cut off the sleeves, leaving just a little extra fabric beyond the seam. I folded that little bit of fabric under and used a whipstitch to sew it to the inside, making a neat finished edge. 

Now I wear the shirt - which now has cap sleeves - unbuttoned, over a dark blue sleeveless knit shirt, which helps with the sleeve openings being rather large, as well as allowing me to leave it unbuttoned, like a vest.  

It's a different look, maybe not as much on the "neat" side as the previous look; but I'm enjoying it this way too, maybe even a bit more (especially since it's summer now). 

I'm sharing this because it took so little sewing to reuse this shirt in a different way, instead of discarding it. Do you have anything you re-use in a slightly different way without too much work?