Monday, June 30, 2014

Do you ever tend to binge eat?

I always have the best of intentions when I bring home a bag of chips or a package of candy, don't you?  Or maybe you don't ever bring home a bag of chips or candy. But hey, maybe it's whole-grain cookies from the health food store, or a batch of something delicious that you've baked yourself. Is there anything that someone in your household might be tempted to binge on?

In the process of "neatening", I just made a startling discovery. Maybe this is only true of certain personality types, I don't know. But I found out that if something is sitting loose in an opened bag, it's not neat, and I will do whatever it takes to make it neater. And maybe that might be eating it! Sure, that's not the only reason I eat them; but it doesn't help any. 

You see, since I took the tortilla chips out of their bag and put them in a container, I haven't been tempted to eat them like I was when they were in a bag. Now I can save them to eat with Chicken Tortilla soup or refried beans. 

I can't really say much about the candy yet, since I just now put it into the candy dish. But I'm hoping it has the same effect. That I no longer have to eat it to neaten the area where it is. 

Is there anything you do to help yourself - and maybe others at your house - to snack moderately? We'd be happy to hear about it. 

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