Friday, May 2, 2014

Minimizing the Entryway

Okay, so, yes, the first picture might actually look prettier...what with the wood and the shiny tray and the silk flowers. 

But it didn't make sense. It wasn't cohesive. This entry isn't part of a room; it's part of a hallway, which includes a mop and bucket, a recycle bin, a shoe rack, another shoe basket, and a simple folding chair for...of course, changing shoes. 

This area was - and is - what I call, euphemistically, our "garage". So I decided to switch out the tall, wooden bookcase for the kind of shelving we might have in a garage. It just makes more sense to me. It also was just that much wider that I was able to get the tools out from under the chair and put them here, too.

Do you ever go for simple, or cohesive, over pretty things? 

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